United Kingdom

Shipping & Returns

Return service three major advantages

A.from the date of your receipt of goods within 10 days, to provide you with return service;

B.return, when replacement commodity inspection commitment in three working days to complete, so that the most rapid inspection services;

C.Refund Pledge 3 working days executed, do shopping refunds without fear;

Commodity inspection:

A.quality control through: such inspection by, you return the goods meet the criteria for return, then we will return service for you, and for you for three days after the inspection is completed the replacement or refund money services; not pass inspection: inspection does not meet the return criteria, we will send the goods back to your original, you are responsible for return shipping by;

Product Returns:

A.product problems, please contact the customer service staff, after approval, within 7 days if we do not receive your goods, we will not pass automatically review your repair requirements;

B.after the commodity repair is completed, we will use the courier sent back to the client for free, such as customer refused to close, the right to freely dispose of goods;

Return Notes or related shipping Notes: or packages and other activities (such as: increase the purchase, the combined product) If the primary commodity bound Premiums need to return, to return with gifts. Returned merchandise need to keep intact, such as gifts or other items which can not be returned, in accordance with the original sale price online deduct from the refund;

B.if the goods have tags, please do not easily cut or damaged tag, the tag has been cut or damaged goods will not be returned; line with our commitment to return a standard item, please return the ordinary courier;

D.has paid return shipping orders, beyond our reason or quality problems, do not refund shipping;
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